Eskadron is travelling a new road. For 40 years "Eskadron" was the epitome of elite horse products: saddlepads, gaiters, halters, etc. annual collections, which have stolen the hearts of all equestrian sporting enthusiasts, and will continue to onward.

Brilliant, Cotton, and Big Square... which are now, globally recognized as Eskadron products, as if by default. If there is 1 fact that has always stood true, is that Eskadron is for horses - Pikeur for riders! 40 years, why has this never changed? The time has come… Eskadron is trailblazing new horizons for the FIRST TIME EVER in 2017: Eskadron EQUESTRIAN.FANATICS, Fashion for riders.

BELLA 833877454 01For all the equestrian fanatics, Eskadron brings you caps, accessories, T-shirts and tank tops as well as hoodies in fresh colors like Powderrose and Bleu, in simple colors like Navy and Anthra!



Posterrising, striking lettering such as "Ride. Eat. Sleep "ESKADRON EQUESTRIAN FANATICS" and "Eskadron" decorate the „fronts“ of the collection, and in the future the coat-of-arms of the equestrian world. Certainly also some non-riders along the way. Because Eskadron EQUESTRIAN.FANATICS are not only products made for riding, but are GREAT for your everday leisure activities as well.

NALA 800874103 01Comparable prices to ​​the well-known brand Superdry, yet slightly more affordable... they are under € 80. We can only say one thing: "Superdry watch out: There is new competition in the market! And the equestrian world, keep a weather eye! It's not only the horse's wardrobe awaiting spring, but YOUR cabinets are ready for Eskadron EQUESTRIAN.FANATICS! So make some room!“

And if you still don't know where you should buy your new favorite stuff, have a look at our partner shop Lintado.



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