"Anyone with a brain, protects it!"

This is a phrase all riders know too well. Whether you read it somewhere or heard in the tack room - It is understood everywhere. No one wants to tempt fate yet. Wearing a helmet can save lives! 

This is a trending topic again - in Facebook!


The Facebook page "Heffalump - Have a Lumpi" started with - and set a trend that is, as of yesterday, not to be overlooked by ANY rider. The images promoting helmets are indispensable and so important - whether in groups of riders on horses pages or their private profiles. Each helmet carrier admits: #iridewithhelmet

Cavallo and Pikeur also have already become aware of it and has also set the #iridewithhelmet hashtag.

Now of course also shows the pferdetrends Team: We ride with helmets!


- Aileen riding with a helmet!


- Beate riding with a helmet!


- Caro riding with a helmet!


- Janna riding with a helmet!


- Jill riding with a helmet!


- Jule riding with a helmet!


- the other Jule rides with helmet!


- Leoba jumping with helmet!


- and Tanja jumping with helmet!