Chief Content Officer, (CCO)

Responsible for the homepage, admin of Facebook's appearances and co-founder of the brand and media group pferdetrends.



Name: Aileen Geerdts
Year of birth: 1993
Hobbies: Riding, Photography, pferdetrends
"Horsey Companions": Monty (Hanoverian gelding, black, born in 2006)
Task/Role at pferdetrends: Responsible for the pferdetrends homepage (Visual design, blog posts, actually everything), admin of pferdetrends-Facebookgroup and Facebookpage of pferdetrends, admin of the Reitertrends-Facebookgroup
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Dirk Sundmäker
Author: Dirk SundmäkerWebsite:
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Infos zu mir:
Verantwortlich für die pferdetrends-Homepage (visuelle Gestaltung, Blogbeiträge, eigentlich alles), Admin der pferdtrends & Reitertrends Facebook-Gruppe und pferdetrends Facebook-Seite

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